2017 Moto Guzzi V7 III Stone

Coolest Ride In The World - The Essence Of Italian Style

FREE HELMET AND JACKET WITH PURCHASE - 1.99% for 36 mo. or 3.99% for 60 mo. ! ABS - Traction Control - Shaft Drive - 3 Riding Modes

The coolest ride in the world. A city bike in dark matte black with a single-dial instrument panel, a new seat, a shortened front mudguard and light alloy spoked wheels.

The V7 III Stone line of motorbikes offer a bold foray into color, with versions reprising the color schemes of the 1970s, including this clean example of Nero Ruvido (Rough Black).

Moto Guzzi rebates, if any, already included !

Green cash purchase gets 2% discount from MSRP.

Freight, and assembly charges include handling, administrative fees, and ADM if any. Price, if shown, does not include freight & assembly, taxes, doc fees, or DMV registration.

Free helmet and jacket is limited to $300 combined MSRP before local tax.