2018 Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS CAFÉ

The Easy Cruiser - Low, Narrow, Light, ABS


The Easy Cruiser - Low, Narrow, Light, Anti-Lock Brakes, Slick Looks - 650 Easy To Ride cc's That You Won't Grow Out Of

Unlike any other cruiser, the Vulcan® S ABS Café is geared to fit a wide range of riders. Never taking away from its stylish features, this bike takes comfort, adjustability, and Ninja®-derived power and performance to the next level.

  • Three-tone paint, signature tank badging and sportstriping emphasize the sportbike spirit of the Vulcan S
  • Dark-tinted windshield deflector helps wind management for a more comfortable ride

Kawasaki rebates, if any, already included !

Green cash purchase gets 2% discount from MSRP.

Freight, and assembly charges include handling, administrative fees, and ADM if any. Price, if shown, does not include freight & assembly, taxes, doc fee, or DMV registration.