2014 Erik Buell Racing 1190 SX

There's nothing like it. The ONLY American Super Bike


Superbike performance and heritage combined with streetfighter attitude. Introducing a new category for sport motorcycles: "Superfighter."

EBR1190RX $11,999

EBR Motorcycles are unlike anything else on the road or track. What makes them so different is what makes them so distinctly better.

We are proud to offer this brand new Blazing Red SUPERBIKE marked down from $16.995.

Erik Buell Racing has introduced ALL NEW superbikes that are tame and smooth for everyday riding, and they're MADE IN USA.

Sweet smooth torque at low RPM's make this the easiest riding 1 liter bike you may every ride, with tons of horsepower and torque upside when you want to get on it. Every detail of this bike is simply stellar.

EBR Motorcycles unleashes the 2014 1190SX featuring the power and technology of a superbike. The EBR 1190SX is a true high-performance motorcycle with a racing heritage. Designed to be a dominating street machine, the 1190SX is equally at home carving canyons on the open road or taking on the concrete canyons of the city.

We can put you on this motorcycle. We are financing experts.